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Newest Serial Updates

Return With Honor 4 by Cynus (08/27/15)

Navigator 18 by Cynus (08/27/15)

My Secret Identity 8 by Ryan Bartlett (08/27/15)

A Good Place 38 by Mark Peters (08/27/15)

Sandmen 6 by Mark Peters (08/27/15)

Short Stuff

Newest Short Stories

Curious Nate by Dabeagle (08/30/15)

Finding Niki by Ryan Bartlett (08/23/15)

Is This Where I Leave You? by Ryan Bartlett (08/16/15)

The Exception by Dabeagle (08/09/15)

Road Trip by Dabeagle (08/02/15)

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Non-Stop Reading

Summer's End by Ryan Bartlett

Ticking by Dabeagle

Toy Soldiers by Dabeagle & Ryan Bartlett

The Mardi Gras Murders by Mark Peters

Life in a Northern Town by Dabeagle

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