The Doghouse Story Submission Guidelines
These are general guidelines for story submissions. Guidelines meaning not always a hard and fast rule. In general I am looking for stories that are based on good characters and plot development, not just around sex scenes. There are plenty of sites on the net for "one-handed fare", and the Doghouse isn't one. As you read these, if you wish to post here and believe an item on the list is acceptable within the framework of your story, please talk to me privately. I do retain final say on what gets posted here.

Absolutely no scat or urination. (This one is non-negotiable.)

No intergenerational sex, i.e. a person of legal age seducing or having relations with someone NOT of legal age. The only time this allowable is when it is intrinsic to the development of the storyline and not glorifying illegal relationships.

Acts of violence, e.g., rape or coercion of minors, abusive situations involving minors, graphic violence, unwilling participants, dangerous sexual acts, depiction of minors being photographed without consequences, must be intrinsic to the development of the storyline and not be a glorification of violence. If you aren't sure if your scene(s) qualify, please talk to me about it.

All stories should be checked for spelling and readability prior to submission. Many word processing programs come standard with these add-ons, but never underestimate the value of editors and beta readers.

Submission formatting: I request all submissions be sent to us in HTML format, .doc or .odt.

When submitting please attach only the first chapter to your email. Please do not paste the chapter into the email; it's much easier to view in a full window than in email.

Legal stuff: Authors retain rights and title to their submitted works. By submitting a work, the author grants Dabeagle's Doghouse a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual license to display the work. (If this is unacceptable, please contact me to discuss your concern.)

Read all the above? Think you have something we want to read? Then send it on over. Email us.