Dabeagle's Bookshelf

My little piece of the web is one place where I pretty much do as I damn well please. Of course, that means most people could care less what is written here, but dem's da breaks. ;-) This page is for all those fun books I find that I'd like to let you know about, and that I hope you will enjoy as well.

Josh Aterovis is a friend of mine who was good enough and smart enough to get his mystery series published. The main character is Killian Kendall who tries to not only stop the bad guys but somehow squeeze a love life in. Follow him as he grows up and learns who he is, while solving crimes along the way. Longtime readers will also recognise Jake Sheridan as half of the stars of Breaking Masks.

I discovered Allison Burnett on a flight to Europe, and I laughed all the way. His character, BK Troop, is hilarious in his novel Christopher: A Tale of Seduction and completely worth your time to read!

Dynasty of Ghosts, by P.L. Nunn, was intricate and well developed with full, lush characters. Set in a fantasy world this was worth the read and deserves a spot on your shelf.

I had the pleasure of meeting Nico Medina, the author of Fat Hoochie Prom Queen, and discovered not only a great guy but a fun author. Nico's main character is an overweight senior in high school who is happy with who she is, deals with her crazy family and her favorite gay boy toy, Lucas. Everyone should have their own Lucas! Nico also authored The Straight Road to Kylie.

Brian Sloan was another author I had the pleasure of meeting, and this book was very unique in style and scope. Our two heroes post messages like an online diary detailing the summer they spend figuring out just who they are. Brian is also the author of A Really Fine Prom Mess.

A bold group who form a gay-straight alliance just want to be left alone, so they make a club they think no one will want to attend ... the Geography Club. Brent also penned a sequel to this fun story.

Alex Sanchez writes stories that I wish I wrote. They are sweet, real and detail the positive nature people can show us if we give them the chance. They are so worth your time.

Wayward Son is available now on Kindle or in Paperback!

Daniel Whitson has a good life - a best friend, good parents and a starting spot on the baseball team. True, the team wasn't very good, but that's not the point. On the night of the spring fling he goes out with his friends only to witness a murder that shouldn't be possible, leaving him wondering if Gideon, the guy he likes, could somehow be responsible. What happens next is a journey filled with angels, demons and more than a little magic. From desperate battles to just trying to find a nice guy, it's all here. A wild ride with angels and demons, magic and love - and the redemption of the Wayward Son.

In a small New Jersey town, a lonely teen walking along a highway one autumn evening meets the boy of his dreams, a boy who happens to have died decades ago and haunts the road. Awkward crushes, both bitter and sweet, lead him to face youthful dreams and childish fears. With a cast of offbeat friends, antiques, and Ouija boards, Vintage offers readers a memorable blend of dark humor, chills and love.