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Site last updated 08/17/2014 with The Mardi Gras Murders 28 and Tull Unification 4!
Whats's New!!

Here's what you will find new this week.

The Mardi Gras Murders Ch 28 by Mark Peters (08/17/14)

The Tull Unification by Dabeagle (08/17/14)

Jack in the Green by Dabeagle (01/03/14)

Meet The Parents by Dabeagle (01/01/14)

F.A.S.T. by Lugnutz (10/14/13)

School Shopping by Dabeagle (09/02/13)

Su Cuy'gar by Dabeagle (08/10/13)

In Dog We Trust by Dabeagle (12/22/12)

Don't Ask Alec! by Dabeagle (12/22/12)

While I Was Sleeping by Mark Peters (12/09/12)

What's Not So New

In case you missed a chapter or two.

Gillie by Nicholas Hall(12/09/12)

The Enigma of Flatness 28 by Devon Keene (10/29/12)

Thompsonville 26 -Final- by Mark Peters (10/07/12)

The Carpenter and the Piano Man by Nicholas Hall (09/30/12)

Parker's Love 10-Epilogue by Nicholas Hall (08/21/12)

Beyond Salvation 11& 12 by Mark Peters (07/18/12)

The Last House on the Left by Nicholas Hall (07/01/12)

Dragstrip by Lugnutz (06/17/12)

Mansfield by Dabeagle (06/17/12)

Sanitaria Springs by Dabeagle (06/13/12)

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