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Site last updated 06/15/2014 with The Mardi Gras Murders 23 thru 26 by Mark Peters!
Whats's New!!

Here's what you will find new this week.

The Mardi Gras Murders Ch 23-26 by Mark Peters (07/20/14)

The Tull Unification by Dabeagle (02/18/14)

Jack in the Green by Dabeagle (01/03/14)

Meet The Parents by Dabeagle (01/01/14)

F.A.S.T. by Lugnutz (10/14/13)

School Shopping by Dabeagle (09/02/13)

Su Cuy'gar by Dabeagle (08/10/13)

In Dog We Trust by Dabeagle (12/22/12)

Don't Ask Alec! by Dabeagle (12/22/12)

While I Was Sleeping by Mark Peters (12/09/12)

What's Not So New

In case you missed a chapter or two.

Gillie by Nicholas Hall(12/09/12)

The Enigma of Flatness 28 by Devon Keene (10/29/12)

Thompsonville 26 -Final- by Mark Peters (10/07/12)

The Carpenter and the Piano Man by Nicholas Hall (09/30/12)

Parker's Love 10-Epilogue by Nicholas Hall (08/21/12)

Beyond Salvation 11& 12 by Mark Peters (07/18/12)

The Last House on the Left by Nicholas Hall (07/01/12)

Dragstrip by Lugnutz (06/17/12)

Mansfield by Dabeagle (06/17/12)

Sanitaria Springs by Dabeagle (06/13/12)

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