Gold Tinted Spectacles

Here we have our first fiction based on the popular Harry Potter characters*. This story comes to us from the UK and a writer named Beren. 

Yes boys, another hen has come to roost here at the Doghouse. This story was well received on the original site it was posted on and Beren was nice enough to offer it to us as well.

I'm sure of course it had nothing to do with those naked pictures of her and Joan Rivers after the tag-team evening gown mud wrestling fiasco. You think?

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Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six
Chapter Seven Chapter Eight Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten Chapter Eleven Chapter Twelve
Chapter Thirteen Chapter Fourteen Chapter Fifteen
Chapter Sixteen Chapter Seventeen Chapter Eighteen
Chapter Nineteen Chapter Twenty Chapter Twenty One
Chapter Twenty Two Chapter Twenty Three Chapter Twenty Four
Chapter Twenty Five Chapter Twenty Six Chapter Twenty Seven
Chapter Twenty Eight Chapter Twenty Nine Chapter Thirty
Chapter Thirty One Chapter Thirty Two Chapter Thirty Three
Chapter Thirty Four Chapter Thirty Five Chapter Thirty Six
Chapter Thirty Seven Chapter Thirty Eight Chapter Thirty Nine
Chapter Forty


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